Safe Carpet Cleaning for Pets

Safe Carpet Cleaning for Pets –  We believe the safest and best method of carpet cleaning for Pets and Children is the Steam Method of Carpet Cleaning.  We use Pet and Child Safe Products and the Steam Method helps to rid the carpet of debri and dirt that can cause you and your pets allergies.  If your children, seniors and pets have certain allergies,  be sure to let us know.  As we can change our carpet cleaning methods to help avoid any special needs.

We use Steam Cleaning because it is the best way to clean carpets,  it is known as having the best ability for deep cleaning.  It get most of the dirt and bacteria from the carpeting.  The addition of hot water is also a factor in making this method the best method of carpet cleaning.  Using water to clean your carpets may cause the carpets to be a little damp for a few hours.  The time to dry out depends on how thick your carpet is and the carpet cleaning extraction system being used.  At Advance Carpet Cleaning we use truck mounted water extraction systems.  This is a powerful system that sucks the water out of the carpet.  

One additional thing to remember is to stay off the carpets while they are drying.  It is a good idea to keep children and pets off the carpets until the carpet is completely dry.   If necessary special equipment can be brought in to help with drying. Fans and opening windows can help dry the carpets faster.  If you are in a hurry to dry out the carpets, you may consider using several fans to dry it out sooner.

For Safe Carpet Cleaning we suggest you always use Steam Carpet Cleaning!

If you have any questions regarding products we use or special needs you may have, please give us a call.  

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